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They sold an alarm contract to my mom under the pretense that they were taking over my moms old company that was supposably bought by them. They said it was a two year contract and ended up being 5 years.

There was a witness there to verify what the salesman said. I called the company since my poor mom was so confused. She paid two alarm companies for 15months. I called the company “ “Skyline” and they cancelled 5 year contract, but did not refund her the money.

I said why? They said because I became her executer of my moms finances towards the end of the 15months. I don’t see why this has any bearing to her receiving the refund. The salesman lied and manipulated a poor old lady.

I will be reporting this company to their agencies until they are exposed and learn to treat people with respect and ethics.

They are an alarm company for the security of people. How about designing an alarm against you.

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Holy cow they just pulled the same stunt on me and are saying they were monitronics take over. Hmmmmmm they scammed me too. I am so angry at their fraudulent cold calls.


You didn't mention where this happened but some states have laws against hornswoggling the elderly.

You didn't state Mom's age but since she's an "old lady" I assume that she would qualify as elderly in statute.

It just depends on how outraged you are as to whether or not to pursue this since you didn't tell us how much extra 15 months of duplicated service cost.

You probably won't get the money back. It's hard to prove fraud or coercion if Mom was still in control of her own affairs at the time.

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